A disappointing thing happened when Dallas cops were massacred during a Black Lives Matter protest earlier this month in the West End of downtown Dallas. As always happens, people immediately jumped on the event and twisted it to fit into their political narrative. ‘Black Lives Matter’ became a symbol for everyone who was sick and tired of the police state and ‘Blue Lives Matter’ became a symbol for everyone who supports cops. Then there was the ‘All Lives Matter’ movement that sprung up, which basically tried to stop some of the divisiveness that was being created by these two groups. Everywhere you turned there was some media source talking about these movements and what they were demanding.

When these types of events happen, the media has a sick propensity for twisting everything into an issue that needs to be resolved by taking away our rights as citizens. There were calls for open carry to end because of the man who was originally seen as a suspect because he was open carrying his rifle at the rally. There was also legislation written that would make it a more serious crime to assault a cop than it would be if you assaulted a normal person. This legislation was passed in Louisiana and our Governor here in Texas, Greg Abbott, has said that he will be introducing this legislation during next year’s legislative sessions. As Libertarians, all of these things are very troubling. Once again we have an event that makes people less free because of people making irrational decisions in the face of a tragedy. We need to make sure that we remain vigilant and committed to promoting liberty during these times.

We need to do a better job at changing the narrative and making sure that we are not getting sucked into the same way of thinking as the general population. We offer a unique perspective on the way that our government works and even on events that happen throughout society. We need to stop landing on one side of the issue as many Libertarians have done with this event when they want to point out that we have tyrannical police. We should be the party coming up with solid solutions to racial injustices in our society. We can do this without engaging in emotional arguments that hinge on the value of life. We can do this by promoting conversations about the core issue, which is racism and how we can stop dividing people by the color of their skin.

As we do these things, this will allow us to point out that there is a better way to talk about these issues. It will allow us to have messaging that is very different from the rest of society and it will allow us to be the rational adults in the room who are seeking to fix issues and not constantly exacerbate them without providing solutions.

As Libertarians we constantly believe that we can do things better than the government and better than most people who have tried to fix issues in the past. Let’s go out there and prove to society that we can and we will fix problems in a responsible and effective way.