One of the things that is so frustrating about being a member of the liberty movement is the fact that most people outside of the movement do not understand what we are fighting against on a daily basis. You can give them as much evidence as you want that the state has control over their lives in ways that the Constitution does not permit, but these are things that do not seem to phase them. They’ve spent so much of their lives under the spell of their indoctrination that they don’t stop to think about how mindless they sound when they counter our ideas with hatred and vitriol. Liberty lovers end up fighting the establishment AND our fellow countrymen at the same time, but really we should be working side by side to fight “the man.”

So how can we as liberty lovers find a different way to communicate our ideas in a way that resonates with these individuals? How can we figure out the best way to break through the indoctrination and find ways to have honest and open communication with people who don’t get it yet? I think that is the great struggle for liberty lovers. A lot of us are articulate and educated, but we cannot figure out ways to bring the liberty discussion to people who maybe are not as astute as we are on these topics. I don’t have all of the answers for this question, but I think I know how to get the dialogue opened more effectively.

I think a good place to start is by remembering how scary it was when you first started realizing that maybe this country wasn’t as free as you were led to believe when you were growing up. Do you remember all the times when the beliefs you held dear in your younger years were systematically dismantled through further information coming out about events from this country’s past? Maybe it was when you realized that Abraham Lincoln wasn’t the stand-up guy that you were taught about in elementary school or maybe it was when you watched this country send tens of thousands of our men overseas to fight unjust wars for decades on end. I think the best recent example of this type of awakening would be all of the information that Edward Snowden released about our government. The knowledge that they were spying on all of us was shocking to people who never considered it before. Those of us in the liberty movement always suspected that it was happening so I do not think most of us were shocked, but just think about the people who never thought the government would invade our privacy. Think about the people who really truly believed that the Patriot Act was a good thing for this country.

Now, the default response for a lot of people in the liberty movement is that those people were just blind to the truth and they were idiots for trusting the government, but this does not invite people to have useful dialogue about these events. This creates a situation where potential liberty converts will shut down on us and accuse us of being pedantic or full of ourselves. These people are dealing with earth shattering revelations and we need to remember how heartbreaking those revelations were for us when we had them. We need to talk to people with patience and use real world concepts that they can understand as we continue to expose them to further ways the government has gone too far.

At the end of the day, the liberty movement is on the right side of history. We just need to find a more compassionate way to bring people in and help them understand what we have been talking about for years.